Estimated cost of iPhone 13 Pro components

Every year, after a new smartphone of the iPhone line, appears on the market, many are waiting for the appearance of an estimate of the cost of the phone's components.

A team of iFixit enthusiasts have disassembled the iPhone 13 Pro and published their analysis of the cost of smartphone components. According to data released by iFixit, the total cost of parts for the iPhone 13 Pro is $ 570, while the iPhone 12 Pro, released last year, was priced at $ 548.5. Recall that in the US, the iPhone 13 Pro is offered at a price of $ 1,000. However, it should be noted that the price also includes research and development, the labor of designers, the cost of transportation, assembly, shipping, advertising, and so on.

For comparison, the cost of components of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 + is given, which is $ 508.

As we already reported, a record number of new iPhones were sold in the first week of sales in Russia. At the same time, already at this stage, it becomes too difficult to produce the iPhone 13 due to the lack of components, which forced the workers of the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou to go on vacation.

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