Fengmi R1: ultra-short distance projector with laser technology starts from 865 euros

The Chinese company Formovie is almost as unknown in this country as its subsidiary Fengmi, which is responsible for projectors. At least indirectly, we have already tested several projectors from the manufacturer - Xiaomi has its popular ultra-short-throw projectors manufactured by Fengmi. Now the Chinese are starting their own competing model, which at least initially only appears in China, but can also be bought in Germany via import shops. The Fengmi R1 lures on the datasheet with a 4K resolution, a brightness of 1,600 ANSI lumens, and HDR.

Fengmi more precisely about a projector that, thanks to Pixel Shift, is said to have native 4K resolution. In the import, however, around 1,500 euros are due - compared to the 4K projectors from Xiaomi with Pixel Shift, the price advantage is therefore limited. The Fengmi R1, on the other hand, is intended to appeal to price-conscious customers. Although the popular catchphrase 4K is being advertised again, the actual native resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

Before we look at the rest of the specs, let's take a look at the case of the Fengmi R1. The design is inevitably reminiscent of current vacuum cleaner robots. The diameter is 304 millimeters and the height of the projector is 99 millimeters. At 3.9 kilograms, the projector is not necessarily portable - but the high weight also allows high-performance speakers to be integrated. The stereo speakers have ten watts each and are located under the grilles on the front. The lens and the lamp are located between the two loudspeakers.

The connections are of course also important. On the back, there are two HDMI 2.0 ports (one including ARC), a USB 2.0 port, the power connection, and S / PDIF. Those who like to use the Internet via cable will be pleased about the RJ45 port for LAN cables. WLAN is of course still on board and is even supported in dual-band. Other wireless standards include Bluetooth 5.0, Miracast, DLNA, and screen transfer for iOS devices. Android 9.0 with a cover from Fengmi is used as the operating system.

The projector is powered by a MediaTek MT9669 and three gigabytes of RAM. 16 gigabytes of EMMC memory are available for apps and files, and you can connect external storage media via USB. The image is generated by an ALPD light source and, according to the manufacturer, should be between 50 inches and 200 inches in size. A keystone correction with eight points and autofocus is also available. 4K content is supported but internally scaled down to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Thanks to HDR10 +, MEMC, and up to 1,600 ANSI lumens, the image should still appear high-resolution and rich in contrast. According to Fengmi, the native contrast is 3,000: 1, and a proprietary technology called FAV is supposed to improve the picture even more. A so-called ALR screen is generally recommended for short-distance projectors. We hadvon Blitzwolf tested a cheap model and were enthusiastic about the technology.

The sound can be passed on to a receiver via the optical output - Dolby Audio and DTS HD are supported.

The Fengmi R1 is already available and ready to be imported. The price is currently around 865 euros, the shipping from Hong Kong adds another nearly 15 euros to book. Technically, the Fengmi R1 seems to be well-positioned, at least with the price in mind. A disadvantage for some is the Chinese language operating system, which does not require the Google Play Store. In the end, a normal Chromecast or an Amazon FireTV stick will do the job. So it should definitely not fail with the system.

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