First remote jailbreak for iPhone 13 Pro and iOS 15 completed

As reported by Mydrivers, on October 16, at the 4th International Cybersecurity Competition Tianfu Cup, the Pangu Lab hacker group performed the world's first remote jailbreak for the iPhone 13 Pro and gained full access to the phone.

After the hack, the hackers were able to obtain information about the owner, access to the photo gallery, applications, and were also able to delete data on the device. Most notably, the cracking process took only 1 second.

The source confirms that the hackers used several iOS 15 vulnerabilities at once, including the Safari exploit, to carry out combined attacks. At the same time, to get full access to user data, it is enough for the owner of the phone to click on the link sent.

It is worth noting that the Pangu Lab hacker group has successfully created jailbreaks for many Apple smartphones - from iPhone 4 to iPhone 13, from iOS 7 to iOS 15.

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