First Third Party Joins L-Mount Alliance

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH, which develops and manufactures premium cinematic lenses, was the first company to join the L-Mount Alliance since its inception in 2018. As a reminder, this alliance was formed by Leica Camera AG, Sigma, and Panasonic to promote the L or L-Mount developed by Leica Camera AG. According to Ernst Leitz Wetzlar, L-mount lenses can be of interest to both filmmakers and photographers.

The advantages of the L-Mount include a large inner diameter of 51.6 mm, a shallow depth of 20 mm, and a reliable electronic interface. The bayonet, introduced by Leica Camera AG in 2014, is already used in 10 cameras and more than 50 lenses produced by the founders of the alliance. While the members of the L-Mount Alliance are working to promote L-Mount together, they offer matching cameras and lenses under their own brands and compete with each other.

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