Frustrating details about MIUI 13

Back in the summer, a Xiaomi representative confirmed that MIUI 13 will only be released by the end of this year. According to preliminary data, its announcement will take place in November, but, as a well-known Chinese insider writes, one should not expect much from MIUI 13.

According to him, the new shell will be very similar to the current one (that is, on MIUI 12, since MIUI 12.5 Enhanced looks exactly the same as MIUI 12), there will only be some changes in terms of the visual design of branded applications. At the same time, Xiaomi is preparing two versions of MIUI 13 - both on the latest Android 12 and on the basis of Android 11. So if someone thought that with the arrival of MIUI 13, the smartphone would definitely receive the latest version of Android, then you can say goodbye to such thoughts. Especially when it comes to a model released two years ago and earlier.

Finally, an insider indicates that MIUI 13 closed beta testing will begin at the end of this year. Apparently, right after its official premiere. Usually, a closed beta test takes at least a month, then another month is spent on an open beta test, and only after that, the final version appears. So smartphones with MIUI 13 will not appear out of the box until next year. It is possible that even Xiaomi 12 will come out with MIUI 12.5 Enhanced, and only then will be among the first to receive MIUI 13 as an over-the-air update.

These details were shared by an informant known on Weibo as Digital Chat Station. He is well informed about the affairs of Chinese smartphone manufacturers. So, at one time, he was the first to accurately report the characteristics and release dates of Redmi K30, K40, Xiaomi Mi 10, and Mi 11.

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