Gartner: 33% of tech vendors plan to invest $ 1M or more in AI within two years

One-third of technology and service organizations plan to invest $ 1 million or more in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the next two years, according to a new survey by Gartner. The overwhelming majority of respondents (87%) for whom AI technology is the main focus of investors believe that industry-wide AI funding will grow at a moderate or rapid rate by 2022.

“Rapidly evolving and diverse AI technologies will impact every industry,” said Errol Rasit, managing vice president of Gartner. “Technology organizations are increasing their investment in AI as they recognize its potential not only to assess critical data and improve business performance, but also to create new products and services, expand their customer base, and generate new revenue. This is a big investment that will help dispel the AI ​​hype. "

Compared to other emerging technologies such as the cloud and the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence technology was the second most funded. Respondents who have already invested in AI reported that they plan to invest the most in computer vision. The diagram gives an idea of ​​the structure of investments:

The study also highlighted the relative immaturity of artificial intelligence technologies compared to other areas of innovation. Just over half of respondents report that their AI-powered products and services have become popular with their target customers. It is the immaturity of new technologies that is considered by organizations investing in AI as the main reason for failure to integrate.

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