Google is canceling pre-orders for the Pixel 6 without explanation

As it became known, Google is canceling pre-orders for the Pixel 6 without explanation. Moreover, some buyers report that they are not refunded for their smartphones.

The story is gaining momentum, with numerous complaints about canceled orders popping up on Twitter, Reddit, and the Google Fi support forum. Indeed, the company is not giving money back to some consumers, but it does mail them the gift-giving Pixel Buds Series A earbuds that it relied on for pre-ordering the Google Pixel 6.

Review Geek decided to investigate the situation and confirmed that its order was also canceled, after which Review Geek contacted Google support, asking for an official comment.

Google said there was some glitch in preparation for the launch and there were "issues with the terms of sale." So far, these are all the details. It seems that the company is trying to solve the problem and start shipping, so the money is not returned.

Interestingly, only pre-orders that were made through the company's official store are canceled. Third-party online stores and retailers don't have this problem.

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