Google trolls LG with 113 reasons to switch to Pixel smartphones

Search giant Google has posted a list of over 100 reasons to upgrade to the Google Pixel. The main audience is LG smartphone users because the full phrase goes like this: "113 reasons to switch to Google Pixel when your phone manufacturer stops making phones."

The big video does give 113 reasons to switch to the Google Pixel, including that it is the only Google smartphone lineup to create Android. The manufacturer also praises the cameras, long battery life, seamless integration with Google services, original ringtones, and so on. Of course, there are also comic reasons in advertising, such as the ability to use a smartphone as a cutting board.

Google also spiked LG by stating that the Pixel company is known for organizing the Web and mapping the world rather than making other things like washing machines.

The video also advertises the new Android 12 operating system, which is already available for Pixel users.

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