Google wants to expand the use of the Fuchsia operating system

According to new Google job openings, the search giant wants to expand its new Fuchsia operating system to more devices. 

In particular, it says it is time to expand the range to additional smart devices and other form factors. There are no details, of course, but Google itself does not release many products. 

Recall that earlier this year Fuchsia quietly came out as an update for the first-generation Nest Hub. It is quite logical that the second generation can also get a new OS, especially since there are hints of this in the job descriptions as well. 

There is also a hint that Google may license Fuchsia to other companies or make it available as Android.  

As an in-house software engineer on the Fuchsia team, you will lead the technical direction of graphics and multimedia and ensure that Fuchsia delivers maximum value to its partners and Fuchsia-based products. You will also influence partner hardware decisions to improve Fuchsia and Google's ability to deliver effective software solutions for mission-critical graphics and media workloads.

Whether Google from Fuchsia is still preparing a replacement for Android, it is still impossible to say. The new OS has always been unofficially called a replacement for the "green robot", but Google itself has never confirmed this, and even now it is in no hurry to bring the platform to smartphones or at least smart watches. 

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