GPD XP: The modular and mobile handheld in the design of the switch can be ordered now

The GPD XP is a handheld that is visually very reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch, although the details are quite innovative. At least the controller part located to the right of the screen can be exchanged, which means that input options suitable for different games are available.

In addition to a classic controller layout with a second analog stick, a layout with several action buttons is also available. The left input side is equipped with a directional pad and an analog stick, plus two shoulder buttons as usual. The device comes with a 6.81-inch IPS screen protected by Gorilla Glass 5 with a resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels. According to the manufacturer, the brightness is 500 cd / m², the screen-to-body ratio should be 87.1 percent.

Internally, a Mediatek Helio G95 equipped with eight cores, a six-gigabyte LPDDR4x memory, and a 128-gigabyte expandable memory are used. If necessary, cooling should also take place actively. At the software level, GPD relies on Android. Since not only the software of a typical tablet is available, but also GPS and a dual SIM-capable cellular module are installed, the GPD XP can also be used as a (relatively small) tablet.

The system is actually supposed to be financed through a crowdfunding campaign, although it is already clear that production of the system has obviously already started - so the GPD XP can already be pre-ordered at this point in time. Specifically, 281 euros are currently being called in Asia. According to the offer, the necessary import duties are already included. The shipping time is specified as one month.

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