Gpixel GMAX32152 - 152MP Global Shutter Image Sensor

The Chinese company Gpixel has expanded the GMAX family of image sensors with the addition of the GMAX32152 sensor. It is said to have the highest resolution global shutter image sensor commercially available on the market. The resolution of the GMAX32152 is 152 megapixels.

The sensor consists of 3.2 µm pixels forming a 16,556 x 9,200 matrix on a 53 x 29.4 mm die (60.6 mm diagonal). According to the manufacturer, the aspect ratio of 1.8: 1 is optimal for such applications as quality control of flat panel displays of the same format and aerial photography with a large field of view.

The GMAX32152 has inherited the architecture of pixels and readout circuits from the GMAX32103 with a resolution of 103 megapixels. The dynamic range of the sensor is 67.6 dB. Image data is read using 38 pairs of sub-LVDS channels, each operating at 960 MHz, providing full resolution 16 fps shooting with 12-bit data representation. The aggregate data transfer rate is 36.48 Gbps. Numerous options and output multiplexing are available to designers to customize to meet the needs and capabilities of a particular system.

The GMAX32152 is packaged in a 68.2 x 52 mm ceramic µPGA package with 183 pins. An anti-reflective coating is applied to both sides of the glass cover. The sensor is available in monochrome and with an array of Bayer color filters. Samples are already available for order. Serial production should begin in mid-2022.

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