HTC didn’t bother to do a photo session with its new Vive Flow headset

HTC only yesterday managed to present its Vive Flow virtual reality headset, and today this announcement has caused a small complaint against the manufacturer. The fact is that on its website HTC has posted many photos of both the headset itself and the people using it. However, it turned out that the company decided not to bother with the filming process, but simply used the photos available on the Web and processed them as needed. 

As you can see, HTC just bought the photos from iStock and drew their headset to people. And this applies to all pictures with people. 

 In general, there is nothing criminal in this approach, just, as we can see, it quickly became clear, and now HTC has appeared in a not very favorable light for it. In particular, The Verge posted a news item on this subject with the headline "I find it hard to believe that your device is good if you needed to Photoshop it on a model."  

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