Huawei delivers Huawei P50 and Nova9 smartphones in half an hour

Huawei has launched a new fast delivery service to deliver orders to customers faster than ever before. The company said that the online store Huawei Mall has simplified the traditional logistics process while shipping Nova9 smartphones in some parts of China will take only 30 minutes. For Huawei P50, the entire process from ordering to delivery will take no longer than 33 minutes.

The manufacturer says that with the introduction of the service, shoppers will no longer have to shop at retail stores. Instead, Huawei will operate in key logistics areas for centralized inventory distribution, where points will deliver packages directly to customers.

The source adds that the first order of Huawei Nova9 through this service was delivered in 22 minutes. The service is currently launched in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. More regions will soon be practicing fast delivery.

It is believed that such a fast delivery system could revolutionize the entire field of e-commerce.

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