Huawei obtained medical equipment manufacturing license

On October 8, Huawei received a license to manufacture medical devices. The company is now poised to bring more technology to the medical industry.

Huawei has received approval to release its new smartwatch with an ECG sensor. The company intends to offer users devices that can perform real-time medical diagnostics. In addition to the ECG smartwatch mentioned above, the source names three more Huawei medical devices:

  • ECG blood pressure recorder (MLY-B10, MLY-B11)
  • ECG analysis system (ECG-1)
  • arrhythmia analysis system (PPG-1)

Looking ahead, Huawei spokesman He Gang has confirmed that the Huawei smartwatch has passed the medical device registration test, and the registered clinics have begun testing. He said that, most likely, the watch will be launched in the second half of this year.

The company also develops wearable accessories for measuring blood pressure using high-precision proprietary technologies. At the same time, Huawei is also conducting in-depth research on hypertension management with a local healthcare facility.

According to official data, at present, the company's medical equipment and equipment are served by about 3,000 healthcare organizations. In addition, the company is accelerating its research into wireless networking solutions to provide more reliable and comprehensive equipment for the medical industry.

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