Intel Alder Lake (Core 12) processors have potential problems with many games

Intel recently published a software developer's guide highlighting the architectural features of Alder Lake processors (12th Gen Core). And there was a pretty interesting point about gaming: it turns out that Alder Lake has DRM compatibility issues. They are supposed to be solved from two sides: from Intel, and from the side of game developers (by releasing patches).

If your existing or future game uses DRM middleware, you can contact the middleware vendor to confirm that it supports hybrid architectures in general and the future Intel Alder Lake platform in particular. The nature of modern DRM algorithms is such that they can identify the CPU, so they should be aware of the upcoming hybrid platforms. Intel is working with leading DRM vendors like Denuvo to make sure their solutions support new platforms. - Intel

Many (if not all) modern AAA games are DRM protected in one form or another. Intel has highlighted the Denuvo algorithm, but most likely support for others, such as VMProtect or SecuROM, will also require the release of corresponding patches. Interestingly, gamers are switching to new platforms due to their higher performance, but in the case of Alder Lake, it may not be available out of the box, as it will take time to release patches. So some games on Alder Lake may not work right away.

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