Intel Alder Lake processors are better suited for real-world applications than Ryzen 5000

Intel Alder Lake processors (Core 12th generation) have repeatedly shown their superiority over AMD Ryzen 5000 in synthetic benchmarks, and now there are test results based on real Adobe applications. And in them, Alder Lake once again demonstrates superiority. And this time we tested not the top-end processor of the line, and with DDR4 memory.

The test system included a motherboard based on the Intel Z690 chipset from Gigabyte, 128 GB of DDR4-3200 RAM, and, in fact, a 12-core Core i7-12700K. Interestingly, the PC was running Windows 11.

The test results are shown in the graph above. You can see that the Core i7-12700K is slightly faster in After Effects and Photoshop (by about 5%), and much faster in Premiere Pro (by over 20%). We will remind you, the official premiere of Alder Lake is expected on October 27, the start of sales - November 4. 

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