Intel Core i9-12900K lights up with Gigabyte Z690 Tachyon motherboard and DDR5-8000 memory

An insider who published the results of the test of the Core i9-12900K processor in the Cinebench R23 test presented screenshots of the stand with the same CPU. But here the attention is drawn not so much by the processor as by the RAM. With Core i9-12900K, DDR-6200 memory was used but overclocked: the frequency was raised to 4004 MHz, and the speed - 8008 MT / s. The delays CL, tRDC, tRP, tRAS and tRC were 50-50-50-125-150.

The screenshots clearly show that the memory supports several XMP-6200 profiles and at least one XMP-6400. The maximum voltage reaches 1.5 V, which is 400 mV higher than the standard for DDR4-4800.

Officially, Intel Core 12 (Alder Lake) processors support DDR4-3200 and DDR5-4800 memory modules, however, as you can see, the platform allows memory overclocking. Another question is to what extent such overclocking will be justified.

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