Intel graphics cards will not be protected from miners

Upcoming Intel Arc graphics cards of the Alchemist generation will not receive any protection from mining. The head of Intel's graphics division, Raja Koduri, spoke about this in an interview. 

Regarding blocking software and the like, we do not develop anything like that or create any features specifically for miners. As for the actions we take to avoid or block them, this is a product that will be on the market and people will be able to buy it. This is not a priority for us.

Thus, Intel is not going to take any steps following the example of Nvidia. True, and Nvidia, as we know, did not really work out. 

Also, from the words of Koduri, one can single out the last sentence, where he claims that video cards will be on the market, and people will be able to buy them. One could assume that we are talking about large shipments of Intel cards, but further in an interview Koduri actually says otherwise: 

We will be the third player in this market. I will always be very careful when there is such high demand and the market is so tough. I can always use more supplies. Therefore, I am not going to say that I have enough offers in this high-demand market. I think all my competitors will say the same now.

Considering that the GPU for Intel cards will be produced by TSMC, it was hardly worth expecting otherwise. Koduri also confirmed that Intel is already supplying partners with its own reference adapters, but that manufacturers will also have the opportunity to release their own versions. We will remind you, desktop gaming video cards Arc Alchemist will be released in the second quarter of next year, and at the beginning of the year will debut mobile solutions.  

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