Intel: The preparations for the new generation of Lake processor computing modules are on smoothline

Intel said this week that the company has successfully passed the power-on test of the Meteor Lake processor computing module, and the processor is expected to be available sometime in 2023. The Meteor Lake processor is likely to be Intel’s 14th generation processor. The computing module of this processor will be Intel’s first chip manufactured using the Intel 4 (7nm) process. Intel said that the performance of the chip is consistent with the company’s expectations. Expectations at this stage of the CPU development cycle.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said on the company’s earnings conference call this week: “Through the Intel 4 process, the computing modules of the new generation of Meteor Lake processors have been taped out and will be trial-produced this quarter. Within 30 minutes of power-on testing, The performance is good, and its performance has been in line with expectations. In general, this is our best independent product in the near future, which proves that the development of our process is very smooth."

The power-on test is an important milestone for product development, it shows whether the first version of the product can start and work smoothly. At this point, no one hopes that the first version of the product can have breakthrough performance or 100% stability. The purpose of testing it is to show all the new features of this generation of products so that R&D personnel can adjust the product design in time, and Consider the available margin of its development platform.

The Meteor Lake processor will be Intel’s first processor using Foveros packaging technology. It will be equipped with Ocean Cove performance cores and Gracemont performance cores. 192EU core graphics card. The package also contains SoC chips such as memory controller, PCIe controller, and Thunderbolt controller. It is worth noting that Intel expects that the TDP of the Meteor Lake series processors will span all power consumption levels from 5W to 125W, indicating that the scope of application of this generation of processors will be very wide.

Meteor Lake processors are expected to support LGA 1700 or LGA 1800, but may not be compatible with the upcoming 12th generation Alder Lake processor LGA 1700 motherboards.

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