Intel Xe-HPG Arc Alchemist graphics card pricing is expected to be between 650 and 825 US dollars

Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics card series based on Xe-HPG GPUs will be released soon. Under the current malformed market situation, what kind of form and pricing will Intel, the disruptor, put the new graphics card into the market is the information that many small partners urgently want to confirm at this stage.

Given that AMD and Nvidia’s current standalone display prizes far exceed MSRP, I believe Intel’s standalone display will not be too cheap. We can also calculate the possible pricing of Intel GPUs from some details.

Intel recently held the second phase of the Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt contest. Foreign media Tom's Hardware received information based on Intel’s official prices and predicted that Intel’s exclusive display would be priced at approximately US$650-850.

The prize information details the award information of the four groups of Intel winners. The first prize and first prize winners will receive a free Intel Arc graphics card and Arc brand products and three to six months of PC XGP. Most importantly, Intel describes the "approximate reference price" here as US$900 and US$700.

According to preliminary calculations by foreign media, it is assumed that the $900 prize package contains a high-end Arc Alchemist graphics card and other prizes. After subtracting other items, it is found that the card is worth about $825.

In the same way, using 700 US dollars to calculate the performance-level Arc GPU, it is found that the card itself is worth about 650 US dollars. This shows that Performance and Premium Arch Alchemist graphics cards are worth US$650 (approximately RMB 4153.5) and US$825 (approximately RMB 5271.75), respectively. So it seems that Intel Arc graphics cards are not only comparable in performance to NVIDIA high-end graphics cards, but also in pricing. Refer to the level of RTX3070 and 3080.

At present, the three SKUs known by Intel’s exclusive display are divided into high-end, mid-range, and entry-level products. It is expected that top-level products will also have prices not lower than competing products at the same level, but the final result will not be known until next year.

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