iPhone 13 and iOS 15 Issues: Viewfinder Not Working and Mail App Errors

Apple released the final version of iOS 15 early last week, preceded by lengthy beta testing. Despite the fact that Apple calls this update stable, the firmware is one of the most problematic in iOS history.

There are many bugs in iOS 15, for example, the firmware broke the control of the AirPods Pro headphones, the system falsely reports that the iPhone's memory is almost full, although it is not, users cannot unlock the iPhone using the Apple Watch, and there are bugs in the touch screen.

Now, some users are reporting the viewfinder not working in the camera app: they cannot swipe up after successful face recognition. Another error is related to the Mail app crashing suddenly.

Apple admits most of the mistakes. The company even fixed the Apple Watch issue in iOS 15.1 Beta 2. However, this requires that you participate in the beta testing program. Most users will have to wait until the stable release of iOS 15.1. This is expected to happen pretty soon.

It is also reported that iOS 14 runs smoother than iOS 15. In addition, there are many features that were in the beta versions of iOS 15, but did not make it to the final release.

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