iPhone 13 Pro Max fell into the hands of the famous smartphone tormentor JerryRigEverything

Well-known tech blogger Zack Nelson, who runs a YouTube channel called JerryRigEverything, received a brand new flagship Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and subjected it to traditional tests.

In this video, we are shown how the iPhone 13 Pro Max was scratched, its screen was heated with an open flame of a lighter, the smartphone was subjected to bending tests, and so on. All in all, nothing unexpected: the iPhone 13 Pro Max turns out to be a pretty solid smartphone.

The protective glass can only be scratched by material with a hardness of at least 6 on the Mohs scale, while deeper grooves on the display begin to form at the seventh level. Like any other modern smartphone.

The high-gloss stainless steel frame is easy to scratch, as early adopters have reported. The phone practically does not bend, even if you try hard. The combustion test turned out to be quite interesting: the pixels of the iPhone 13 Pro Max's OLED display did not burn even after a minute.

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