IPhone 13 Problems: Touchscreen Bugs, but older iPhones have it after upgrading to iOS 15

Apple began selling its new line of iPhone 13 smartphones last Friday, September 24th. Since then, user reviews have been accumulating on the network, and problems found in new products have been identified. 

This time around, MacRumors drew attention to the growing number of complaints about touch screen malfunctions. Such complaints are plentiful on the official Apple Support section, social media sites like Reddit and Twitter, and forums. 

The iPhone 13 smartphones, including the expensive iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, have problems with touch sensitivity. Users have reported issues with Touch Wake Up (iPhone not responding to touch) and other cases where the smartphone is not responding to touch input across the system and across applications. 

Interestingly, problems with the touch screen are observed not only in the iPhone 13, but also in the "old" models that have received an update to the new operating system iOS 15. This allows us to hope that the problem is software and will be solved by Apple at once for all iPhone models that support iOS 15. By the way, testing of iOS 15.1 has already begun.

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