iPhone 14 will receive up to 2 TB of flash memory

Another source confirmed yesterday's information that Apple plans to switch to QLC NAND flash memory in the iPhone 14 line of smartphones as early as next year. What's more, Mydrivers claims there will be 2TB flash models in the iPhone 14 lineup.

The iPhone 13 Pro offers up to 1TB of flash this year, up from 512GB previously. Disassembly reveals that the smartphone is still using TLC flash memory. The supplier is Kioxia, not Samsung. According to reports, Kioxia's flash memory costs less.

By the time the iPhone 14 series launches next year, Apple will continue to increase the available capacity, although there are already concerns that the performance and reliability of QLC NAND flash memory is not as good as that of TLC memory. In addition, the emergence of smartphones with this amount of memory will once again increase the average iPhone sales price.

Outwardly, the main innovation of the iPhone 14 smartphones should be a new front panel design: the smartphone should abandon the famous bangs, and the front camera will be embedded. A well-known insider has already shown how it might look.

It is also reported that the iPhone 14 mini should be replaced by the iPhone 14 Max next year.

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