iPhone users are not impressed with iPhone 13

A recent SellCell survey highlighted the reaction of American users to the new iPhone 13 range. More than 5,000 iPhone users aged 18 and over took part in the survey. The authors of the survey asked themselves what long-time iPhone users thought of the new iPhone 13 series. 64% of iPhone users think the iPhone 13 lineup is either not very interesting or not at all interesting.

76.8% said they had no plans to upgrade to the new iPhone 13 series. However, for those who will be upgrading, the iPhone 13 Pro is the most interesting option. It is chosen by 42.5% of users who are determined to buy a new product, and 26.3% will prefer the iPhone 13 Pro Max. iPhone 13 Mini is still not very popular: only 9.2% of users are guided by this model.

Identifies the main points that make the iPhone 13 uninteresting to existing iPhone users. 29.3% said the lack of Touch ID was the main reason. Before the iPhone 13 series, there were rumors that it would use Touch ID, but they turned out to be false, which disappointed many users. Also, the lack of an always-on display and bangs are called shortcomings.

For those who will be updating, the main reason is the 120Hz ProMotion display. This fact was mentioned by 34.1% of potential buyers. Bigger battery and better camera are also reasons for the upgrade. Interestingly, it's just time to update your smartphone is the second most popular reason.

Many of those who don't upgrade to iPhone 13 won't leave the platform. They will either wait for the iPhone 14 (36.8%), or wait a few more years (32.3%), or buy an older iPhone (11.3% of respondents). Only 16.1% of respondents will switch to Android, and 3.5% haven't decided yet.

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