Jelly screen and discoloration of the iPad mini 6 display explained by the design of the tablet

 Immediately after the iPad mini 6 hit stores, users noticed a "jelly scrolling" effect on the tablet display, which Apple claims is normal LCD behavior. The well-known resource iFixit disassembled the iPad mini 6 and after analysis made a statement regarding the jelly scrolling" effect, which is not uncommon for LCD and OLED panels. iFixit speculates that this could be due to the design of the tablet and the location of the special chip on the iPad mini 6 screen.

It's worth mentioning that some users are also experiencing discoloration and distortion issues on the iPad mini 6 screen. Bright or discolored spots appear at certain points on the panel when you tap the next-generation iPad mini. This effect is more obvious if your tablet is displaying a dark image or if it is operating in dark mode.

Many users confirmed the existence of this problem not only on purchased tablets but also on those received under warranty instead of purchased ones. It is believed that the gap between the iPad mini's LCD panel and its internal hardware can be so narrow that light pressure forces parts to touch the back of the display. According to iFixit, these hotspots represent the edges of connectors and other tall parts on the motherboard.

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