Kensington Docking Station SD5700T is equipped with four Thunderbolt 4 ports

Kensington today announced the SD5700T docking station, equipped with four Thunderbolt 4 ports. One is upstream and three are downstream, which can be used to connect monitors and other peripherals. PD supported (up to 90W). The dock also includes an SD slot with UHS-II support, a USB 2.0 port, three USB 3.2 Gen2 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a headset jack.

According to the manufacturer, the SD5700T turns a laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 or 4 port into a “complete desktop workstation, allowing users to charge the laptop and connect external monitors, USB devices, full-size keyboard and mouse, speakers, Ethernet, and other devices and accessories with one Thunderbolt cable ".

When using one video output, 8K resolution is available at 130 fps, and when two 4K monitors are connected, the frame rate can be up to 60 fps. The Kensington SD5700T docking station costs $ 370. It comes with a three-year warranty.

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