Kipon To Release Ibelux 40mm F0.85 MK III Lens Soon

An image has been posted on the Kipon website indicating that the company plans to introduce the Kipon Ibelux 40mm F0.85 MK III lens. Fuji Rumors, which has published examples of pictures taken with the new lens and camera of the Fujifilm X system, claims that the announcement will take place very soon. He also cites the manufacturer as saying that the new version of the lens, originally released back in December 2013, differs from the now available MK II version by much smaller chromatic aberrations and increased resolution. In addition, the lens handles strong light better.

The technical characteristics of the Ibelux 40mm F0.85 MK III are still unknown, as well as the data and price. The previous version on the Kipon website costs $ 1,480.

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