Kopin 0.20'' WQVGA microdisplay used in Divesoft AR Optical Display Adapter for Divers

Kopin, the active-matrix microdisplay company, has announced that its CyberDisplay LVS backlit WQVGA (428 x 240 pixels) microdisplay module and A230 driver IC are used in Divesoft's recently released Optical Display Adapter (ODA), which provides divers with easy access to critical data.

The Czech company Divesoft specializes in diving equipment. In particular, it manufactures self-contained breathing apparatus (also often called rebreathers) Liberty 2021 Edition. The microdisplay allows divers to see important dive data in real-time, even in the most extreme conditions. The display weighs only 150 g with sapphire protection showing depth, time, decompression parameters, and other data. The adjustable mount and adjustable focus ODA allow divers to easily customize the display screen for comfortable use.

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