Lack of copper foil can lead to higher prices for motherboards and video cards

The global supply chain for electronic products is still in short supply due to the lack of sufficient semiconductor products and some other electronic components, and a new attack looms on the horizon. According to DigiTimes, usually citing data from Taiwanese industry representatives, there is a shortage of copper foil and copper-clad laminates (CCLs) used to make printed circuit boards - the backbone of all electronic products.

The deficit, as you know, inevitably leads to higher prices. Copper is no exception. Copper prices are up 35% since the fourth quarter of 2020. The cost of copper foil used to make CCLs is also rising, pushing motherboard and video card manufacturers to raise their prices. According to the source, an increase in prices is inevitable, especially for products assembled on boards with a large number of metallization layers.

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