Large class action filed against Apple company because Apple does not include a charger with the iPhone

 Students from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Donghua University have teamed up to sue Apple because new Apple products no longer have chargers. According to the lawsuit, the students want Apple to include a charger in the kit.

The case was opened in September this year. In court, the plaintiff and the defendant were cross-examined. The case is currently at the stage of filing additional evidence and written materials. The plaintiff claims that Apple is seriously violating the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Students believe that most users and even Apple employees are equally perplexed and outraged by this. However, most people are silent about this.

The company does not include any chargers in the box to protect the environment, Apple said. Many users don't believe Apple is telling the truth. If Apple really cares about the environment, why is it still making chargers today? If these chargers really make the environment unsafe, the company should not manufacture them. The plaintiff believes that Apple is not including the charger in the kit in order to sell it separately and make more money.

Back in October last year, Apple announced that it would no longer pack EarPods in the box. Removing these accessories from the box will help reduce carbon emissions and avoid the mining and use of rare earths, the company said. The company also claims that many users are now used to wireless headsets like AirPods.

However, the iPhone 13 series still ships with headphones in China and France.

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