List of 98 motherboards for Intel Alder Lake (Core 12) processors based on Intel Z690 chipset

The official premiere of Intel Alder Lake processors will take place on October 27, and sales will start on November 4. Along with them, top-end mainboards based on the Z690 chipset will appear on sale. And now a list (apparently complete) of different models on the Z690 from six manufacturers has appeared on the Web.

In total, there will be about 100 models on sale. True, not all and not everywhere will be available (for example, NZXT models are quite rare), but there will be a choice - and quite a decent one. There will be Micro-ATX and even ITX versions. Interestingly, about a third of all models are designed to work with DDR4 RAM, so even those who want to save on memory will have plenty to choose from.

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