Apple: Liu Hai design is a smart way that can provide users with more space

An Apple executive recently said in an interview with the media that the “bangs” on the new MacBook Pro provide a “smart way” that allows users to have more space and Conducive to thinner bezels and provide users with more screen display space.

After the new MacBook Pro was exposed to the "bangs design", a large number of Apple users on some social platforms criticized it. Therefore, Apple officials explained this.

Mac product line manager Haldea said in an interview with the Same Brain podcast: "Liu Hai" is a smart solution because it can provide Mac users with more spatial content by moving the macOS menu bar.

We made the display taller, just like in the 16:10 window of a 16-inch notebook, you still have a 16-inch active area, we just increased the display area from there and put the menu bar there. We just moved it out. So this is a very smart way to give you more space. When you are in full-screen mode, you will have a 16:10 window, which looks great. This is seamless (change).

Compared with the previous generation MacBook Pro design, the frame of the new 14-inch and 16-inch models is significantly narrower. According to Apple, the borders on the left and right sides of the display are 24% narrower than the previous generation, only 3.5mm; and thanks to the bangs on the top, the overall border is 60% narrower, which is also 3.5 mm.

Due to too many complaints, Apple has also reduced its presence in daily use through some features of macOS. For example, dark mode. In addition, when the macOS application is in full-screen mode, the system will add a black border to the top of the screen to hide the bangs without interfering with the user's content. Of course, developers can also choose to display their application content on both sides of the bangs.

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