Manufacturer credits GelSight Mobile Series 2 with Industry-Leading Tactile Measurement Capabilities

GelSight, which develops portable non-destructive elastomeric 3D imaging and sensing systems, has unveiled a new version of its GelSight Mobile sensor. The second-generation GelSight Mobile Series 2 is more compact and more ergonomic than its predecessor. More precisely, it is one-third lighter and half the volume, which allows you to scan surfaces in less accessible places while maintaining high accuracy, speed, and angle of view.

GelSight technology is said to provide digital tactile recognition with the sensitivity and resolution of human touch. The data captured by the GelSight elastomeric tactile sensing platform is processed by proprietary software to provide detailed and accurate surface characteristics that can dramatically increase productivity both in the shop and in the field, and reduce the costs associated with an unarmed visual inspection. with the eye or with the use of tools. The GelSight Mobile handheld device can be deployed on production and assembly lines, enabling fast, well-documented product quality decisions to be made. Dimensions of scratches, dents, bumps, gaps, displacements,

The Series 2 head size has been minimized so it can be used in a wider variety of applications than before. This is especially important in the automotive and aerospace industries, where the instrument can provide rapid, repeatable, non-destructive testing during the manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of engines, fuselages, and other critical components.

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