Micron published its report for the last quarter of the fiscal year 2021 and for the year as a whole

Micron has published a report for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021 and for the entire fiscal year 2021, which ended on September 2. In the last quarter of the fiscal year 2021, Micron managed to generate revenue of $ 8.27 billion. Revenue in the fourth quarter of the previous fiscal year was $ 6.06 billion. The quarter ended with a net income of $ 2.72 billion. A year ago, this figure was $ 988 million. Non-GAAP net income for the year increased from $ 1.23 billion to $ 2.78 billion.

Moving on to the figures for the year as a whole, Micron's revenue reached $ 27.71 billion. In fiscal 2020, the company generated $ 21.44 billion. Net income for fiscal 2021 was $ 5.86 billion, while in 2020 it was $ 2.69 billion. A non-GAAP calculation shows an increase from $ 3.24 billion to $ 6.98 billion.

In the current quarter, the company expects revenue of $ 7.65 ± 0.2 billion.

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