Microsoft won't ship AR helmets to the US Army this year

In April, the US Army signed a $ 21.9 billion contract with Microsoft to supply 120,000 augmented reality helmets. As it became known, Microsoft will not deliver its products on time. 

Army documents now indicate that deliveries have been rescheduled. The new deadlines are until the end of the 2022 fiscal year, that is, until September 2022 of the calendar year. Previously, the contract meant deliveries until the end of the 2021 fiscal year, that is, until last September. 

The military expects the first units to be equipped with helmets in time for next September, meaning deliveries will begin earlier.  

Initially, the US Army became interested in HoloLens helmets back in 2018, but now we are not talking about the supply of ordinary Microsoft headsets, but about ready-made Visual Augmentation System (IVAS-4) systems. It is unclear whether it is possible to directly recalculate the cost of contact for the number of headsets, or whether the contract implies something else, but if possible, it turns out that each headset will cost the US Army more than $ 180,000. Considering that the contract was signed 10 years, such calculations are probably wrong.  

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