Microsoft's Xbox Series X mini fridge arrives in Spain

Microsoft introduced the mini-fridge for some time as a 'joke', but finally what looked like a meme has become reality, with reservations enabled mini-fridge occasion of Xbox X Series.

Microsoft confirmed in mid-June that the product would hit the market. The device has been designed in collaboration with the Ukonic brand , which will help, to a greater extent, players who need to have their cold drinks always at hand and at the perfect temperature.

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge has enough space inside for up to 12 cans, which seems like enough for long gaming sessions with energy drinks (always drinking them in moderation). There are also two pockets on the inside of the door, which seem a bit small, but in which you could add candy or something else.

The mini-fridge is connected to the mains and has its own DC adapter. On the front, there is a USB port to charge a mobile phone or another device.

Xbox users in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, and Poland will have the opportunity to purchase the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge for € 99.00 at GameStop EU.

Pre-orders can be made from October 19, but shipments will not begin until December, so it could be a good Christmas gift for any fan of the Xbox platform.

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