Ministry of Digital Industry invites Russians to vote for 4G connection

 The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation) came up with an interesting initiative. 

A section with a voting form has appeared on the "Gosuslug" portal - Russians are invited to choose settlements that will connect to high-speed 4G Internet in 2022. 

The ministry explains:

In order for a village, settlement, aul, and other settlements to connect to 4G (LTE) mobile communications, you must vote for them on the State Services portal before November 15, 2021. All settlements with a population of 100 to 500 people take part in the voting. Residents of all regions, except for Moscow and St. Petersburg, which are not included in the program to eliminate digital inequality, can vote. "

To vote, you will need a confirmed account on the "Gosuslug" portal and permanent registration in the region for which the user is voting. You can also send a paper letter to the address of the Ministry of Digital Science of Russia.

The list of the selected two thousand settlements will be published in two months. As the ministry emphasizes, thus, in 2022, at least 10% of all settlements with a population of 100 to 500 people will have access to 4G, and in 2024 their number will increase to 30%.

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