MSI announces new motherboards: Possible preview of the Z690 chipset

The announcement was sparse on Twitter or Facebook, for example, it only consisted of three advertising-style photographs. MSI then shows the back panels of three mainboards from different rows. In addition to MEG ACE with the typical dragon symbol, a white and black main circuit board of the MAG series can be seen.

The two series are aimed particularly at gamers with large heat sinks, a wide range of features and eye-catching optics. MSI only holds back completely with the information. There is no additional information about the pictures and there is currently no contribution to be found on the manufacturer's homepage.

At least the CPU socket is clearly visible on each of the pictures and this reveals with the large metal bracket and the screw connections that these are boards for Intel processors. A comparison of the connections of the back panel with an MSI MEG Z590 ACE or MAG Z590 Tomahawk Wifi quickly reveals that a new generation is most likely being presented here.

In contrast to the two equally powerful models, the number of fast connections in the USB 3.2 Gen 2 category has been significantly increased. In view of the typical single such connection up to now, however, this was not too difficult. The other equipment appears to be identical with 2.5 Gigabit LAN and Wi-Fi 6.

The design of the heat sinks also deviates significantly, so that no other conclusion can be accepted than that it will be Z690 mainboards. It remains to be seen when MSI will reveal more details, from technical specifications to the release date. After all, competitor Asus submitted this at the end of September.

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