New MacBook Pro with SoC M1 Max barely manages to beat a laptop with a quad-core Core i7-11370H

Sometimes the new MacBook Pros are impressive in their performance, sometimes not at all. We have already seen an illustration of the first, but now let's look at the second. Rendering 8K video in Adobe Premiere Pro, as it turns out, is not the strong point of Apple's new laptop.

The PC coped with the task in just over 21 minutes. And for comparison: Microsoft Laptop Studio with a quad-core Core i7-11370H and GeForce RTX 3050 Ti coped with this task only a little slower (in almost 23 minutes). What's more, the Lenovo ThinkPad P15 with Core i9-11950H and Nvidia RTX A5000 managed to show a time of fewer than 14 minutes, which is much better than the new MacBook Pro. Let's clarify: in this case, we are talking about the version with SoC M1 Max. That is, the M1 Pro will be even slower. 

It should be understood that the Adobe Premiere Pro application is not optimized for macOS and Apple Silicon, so the results should be treated accordingly.  

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