Nikon Z9 camera, two lenses and a Nikon FTZ II adapter will be presented

A source, constantly reporting later confirmed information about future innovations in photographic equipment, has published a list of products that Nikon will present along with the Nikon Z9 camera. Recall that the release of this full-frame mirrorless camera in the professional segment is expected on October 28.

Along with the Nikon Z9 camera will be presented an adapter Nikon FTZ II, intended for use in conjunction with cameras of the Nikon Z system lenses with Nikon F mount. According to preliminary information, this adapter will differ from its predecessor, in particular, the design, which will be characterized by the absence of a protrusion in the lower part. This protrusion can be problematic when mounting a camera with an adapter attached lens to a tripod or underwater box.

The Nikon Z9 camera is said to be offered either separately or bundled with the Z9 FTZ II adapter.

In addition, the Nikkor 100-400mm f / 4.5-5.6 S lens, the first image of which appeared the day before, and a "standard zoom lens with a maximum aperture of f / 4" will be presented. Behind this wording, most likely, lies a lens covering the focal length range of 24-105 mm. This lens is included in the Nikon Z system lens release plan previously published by the manufacturer.

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