Nintendo didn't stop at just replacing the Switch OLED screen

IFixit experts have disassembled the Nintendo Switch OLED game console and discovered a lot of new things in it compared to its predecessor. True, new in this case does not mean better: Switch OLED earned 7 points out of 10 for maintainability, although its predecessor had 8 points.

The mounting mechanism of the new docking station requires a lot of space, and because of this, Nintendo engineers had to rethink the console's internal layout. The SD card slot, built-in memory and game card reader are housed on one board, and the built-in memory is now unsoldered, whereas it was previously removable.

Nintendo Switch OLED received a more compact heat pipe and a smaller fan. IFixit experts believe that the reason for this is the new version of the Tegra X1 platform (ODNX10-A1) with lower power consumption and, accordingly, less heat generation than the ODNX02-A2. In this regard, the higher autonomy of the Switch OLED is also associated. As for the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas, they are placed between the rear panel and various shielding elements.

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