Nintendo Switch Pro is canceled

Rumors that Nintendo is preparing the Switch Pro console have been circulating for a long time: this console was credited with both a powerful platform and support for displaying 4K images on external screens. Bloomberg added fuel to the fire yesterday with its publication with the telling headline "Developers create games for the Nintendo 4K console, which does not exist." It claims that 11 game development companies have formed teams to create 4K-capable Nintendo Switch apps. The console, according to a Bloomberg columnist, is almost identical to the current Switch but has more memory and additional ports for connecting to a PC. However, it is noted that if such a prefix came out, it would not be earlier than the end of 2022. But as Nintendo itself said on Sep 30th, there is no 4K Switch.

News from September 30, 2021 (Japan Standard Time) falsely claims that Nintendo is providing 4K game development tools for Nintendo Switch. To ensure a correct understanding for our investors and clients, we want to clarify that this publication is not true. - Nintendo

In the second part of the official Twitter post, Nintendo has no plans for any new consoles other than Switch OLED.

 Considering that sales of Switch OLED will start literally next week (October 8), this speed of denial on the part of Nintendo looks more than logical: the company does not want users to at least create the illusion of a possible choice - so that someone would wait for a possible Switch Pro. instead of buying Switch OLED here and now. However, there is no smoke without fire, besides, sooner or later Nintendo will have to release a more powerful console since the volume of innovations in the version with an OLED screen hardly met the expectations of users. Another thing is that the release of Switch Pro may take place later: not in 2022, but in mid-to-late 2023.     

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