Nintendo Switch's three years of dominance have come to an end

Despite the fact that the PlayStation 5 became an almost instant hit, all the time after the start of sales it was in the shadow of the Nintendo Switch, the absolute bestseller of the game console market. But Switch's 33-month dominance has come to an end. As reported by the executive director of research company NPD Group Mat Piscatella (Mat Piscatella), in September this year, the PlayStation 5 surpassed the Nintendo Switch in sales both in terms of quantity and in monetary terms. Thus, the Sony console has earned the status of a twice bestseller.

Considering the difference in the cost of the PlayStation 5 and Switch, the Sony console only had to surpass the competitor in terms of sales, and this automatically guaranteed it superiority in monetary terms. Interestingly, the last time a game console to beat the Nintendo Switch was a Sony device, the PlayStation 4. This was in November 2018. 

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