Nubia Red Magic 6S: This is the fastest Android smartphone ever

When choosing a new smartphone, performance is one of the most important points. It is not only decisive for the performance of a cell phone (i.e. how fast it starts up or how quickly apps load), but also for reliable operation. Good performance is also important (as is the RAM) when the smartphone is busy, for example with many apps open at the same time or with too much-stored data. This can jeopardize the smooth and fast operation.

Overall result: 857,918 points in the Antutu ranking

The Antutu software benchmarking tool is a good approach to determining the performance of a smartphone. This benchmark measures, for example, the performance of the main memory, the processor, and the graphics chip. From these values, Antutu determines a numerical value. Which smartphone achieved the best results? To this end, the company behind the tool regularly publishes leaderboards. The rather unknown Nubia Red Magic 6S, the flagship cell phone from the Chinese manufacturer Nubia, made it to the top of the new list of the fastest Android devices. With a total of 857,918 points, it landed way ahead of these models:

  • 2nd place: Black Shark 4 Pro (837,715 points)
  • 3rd place : Vivo X70 Pro + (836,943 points)
  • 4th place: iQOO 8 Pro (836,410 points)
  • 5th place: Asus ROG Phone 5s (828,509 points)
  • 6th place: iQOO 8 (826,460 points)
  • 7th place: One Plus 9 Pro (822,130 points)
  • 8th place: One Plus 9 (809,562 points)
  • 9th place: Real Me GT (805,786 points)
  • 10th place: Xiaomi Mix 4 (803,422 points)

Samsung, Huawei, and Co. are not among the fastest Android smartphones

It is obvious that the new iPhone 13 does not appear in the ranking. After all, it uses a different operating system. As is well known, Apple phones are operated with iOS instead of Android. What is surprising, however, is the lack of big names like Samsung and Huawei, which did not even make it into the top ten fastest Android phones.

Why was the Nubia Red Magic 6S voted the fastest Android phone?

The Snapdragon 888 processor from Qualcomm is certainly responsible for the good performance of the Nubia Red Magic 6S. This premium chip is 5G capable and has long been the absolute front runner in the market in terms of performance. So it's even better than the Apple A13. How the Snapdragon 888 in the Nubia Red Magic 6S compares to the brand new Apple A14 in the new iPhone 13 generation remains to be seen. But even if the new iPhone should be even faster, you can be sure that you won't find a faster Android phone than the Nubia Red Magic 6S.

More information about the Nubia Red Magic 6S
  • Screen: 6.8 inches AMOLED 65 Hertz gaming display
  • Resolution : 1080 x 2400 pixels (full HD)
  • Camera: 64-megapixel quad camera
  • Front camera: 8 megapixels
  • Storage: 128 gigabytes
  • Operating system: Red Magic OS 4.5 (Android 11)
  • Battery: 5050 mAh
  • Scope of delivery: smartphone, adapter, charging cable

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