Qualcomm will take 35% of the market for Wi-Fi chips for smartphones by the end of 2021

Analytics firm Strategy Analytics predicts that Qualcomm will be able to consolidate its leadership in the Wi-Fi smartphones market this year. Qualcomm's success has been overlooked even by the fact that Apple iPhone 13 smartphones use the corresponding Broadcom chips. By the way, it is expected that Broadcom will be the third by the end of the year, slightly behind MediaTek. In total, these three manufacturers will occupy more than three-quarters of the market, or, more precisely, 76%. Meanwhile, the volume of this market in monetary terms is $ 4.3 billion.

"Strategy Analytics expects Qualcomm to continue to increase the share of Wi-Fi in smartphones this year, even as competition from MediaTek and others increases," said Christopher Taylor, author of the report. - Qualcomm is using its market-leading Snapdragon platform to gain a share of Wi-Fi chips for smartphones. Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E have also helped drive the smartphone Wi-Fi chip market, and we expect the rapid adoption of these technologies to provide chip makers with growth opportunities in 2021 and beyond. ”

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