Quantum Brilliance wants to revolutionize the industry

For most ordinary users, quantum computers remain something completely incomprehensible, on the verge of fantasy. But the company Quantum Brilliance is going to release on the market a similar device the size of a video card and working under normal conditions in a few years. 

More specifically, by 2025, the company wants to create a quantum accelerator of about 50 qubits, enclosed in a package roughly the size of a modern video card and working at room temperature. For comparison, most of the existing quantum processors, among other things, require temperatures close to absolute zero. 

Quantum Brilliance believes that in about 10 years they will be able to fit such solutions into a mobile form factor, but they are in no hurry to share details and forecasts. In general, the company's idea is to make quantum accelerators a familiar component of the PC. And then developers will be able to use them in a number of tasks, where such solutions are orders of magnitude superior to classical CPU or GPU. 

At the moment, the company has working copies of quantum accelerators with a five-qubit processor, but they serve as test facilities as part of the process of developing more productive solutions. 

A quantum processor that runs at room temperature is built on slightly different principles than one that requires extreme cooling. However, this solution has other advantages as well. For example, a representative of Quantum Brilliance said that their solution offers a much higher rate of coherence time: milliseconds versus 100-150 μs for cooled processors. It was also said about a good indicator of the probability of errors, but without details. 

As for the very principles of the Quantum Brilliance platform, they rely on an  NV center or a nitrogen-substituted vacancy in a diamond.  

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