Raijintek RJK 5V DRGB-PWM hub features eight PWM outputs and eight ARGB outputs

Raijintek introduced the RJK 5V DRGB-PWM Hub, which allows you to control PWM variable speed fans and addressable lighting elements. A PWM signal is applied to one input of the hub, and a signal to control ARGB from the motherboard to the other. PWM output connectors - eight, ARGB - the same. One SATA power connector is used to supply power.

The hub has two buttons, one of which activates the synchronization of the backlight with the source. The second button allows you to toggle between several built-in backlight modes. There are magnets at the base of the HUB case, which allows it to be attached to metal parts of the computer case. The dimensions of the device are 133.5 x 57.5 x 13.5 mm. The manufacturer does not name the price.

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