Realme GT 5G performed poorly in the sound test

Realme GT 5G at the time of release was the cheapest smartphone with SoC Snapdragon 888. The device was then priced at $ 430, offering not only a top-end platform, but also a lot of RAM, 65-watt charging, 120-Hz screen, and stereo speakers with Hi-Res Audio support ... True, the latest DxOMark test showed that the sound subsystem of this affordable flagship is very mediocre. 

The smartphone scored only 57 points, taking 62nd place, and from the end of the list it is 10th place. The device shares this place with Motorola Razr and Sony Xperia 1 II. True, in the High-End category, the smartphone takes fifth place. 

At the same time, the score for the reproduction was 62 points, but for the recording - only 45 points. This is one of the worst scores ever in sound testing in the DxOMark lab. True, flagships or simply expensive phones usually get there. 

The source noted the lack of balance in the sound, the lack of both low and high frequencies, a large number of artifacts, but at the same time a good volume level.  

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