Redmi K40S: A top manager of Xiaomi has confirmed the release of a new smartphone Redmi

Xiaomi's new product director Wang Teng Thomas has officially confirmed today that Redmi is going to release a new phone. In September, Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi Mi 11T line to the global market, which should appear on the domestic market under the name Redmi K40S. The fact is that last year when Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Mi 10T line, it appeared in China under the name Redmi K30S.

Earlier, Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi Group China and General Manager of Redmi Brand, posted a message that this month will be very busy and confirmed that Redmi will be holding a conference for the launch of the new product. According to one of the versions, the company is going to release a new series of Redmi Note, which, according to rumors, will be called Redmi Note 11.

There will be a Grand Sale of Double 11 in November. Redmi is expected to unveil its smartphones prior to the start of the sale.

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